Standout Students is a program that recognizes strong academic performances in participating school districts throughout the state of Minnesota. Students will be motivated to achieve honor roll status by Vikings players and coaches who make an appearance and speak during pep-rally’s and other school functions. Through acknowledgement and commendation, students who do succeed will not only receive quarterly rewards but also a heightened sense of self-worth.


Students who reach the “A” Honor Roll at least two times during the school year, and pass state standardized testing will be invited to attend the All Pro Academic Celebration where they will get to meet Coach Zimmer and Viking players. The end of the year celebration will be an exclusive event for these ‘All Pro’ students, giving them a chance to honor and recognize their accomplishments, hang out with Vikings Coaches and players, and also receive awards.


This is a fun and exciting way to get students excited about their grades. They also really appreciate the fact that someone other than family members is taking  an interest in their grades! Students who are not yet attaining the Honor Roll are often inspired by their classmates to work harder.


Qualifications to become part of Coach Zimmer’s Standout Student Program:

  • Children in the State of Minnesota, K-5th 

  • Participating School Districts

Rewards and Benefits for children in Program:

  • Children who reach honor roll will receive quarterly gifts.

  • Children who reach honor roll at least twice in one school year, have excellent conduct behavior, and pass state standardized testing will have the chance to attend the All Pro Academic event with their classmates to celebrate their achievements and have the chance to meet coach Zimmer and Viking players.

  • Great and fun way to motivate students to get excited about their grades.

  • Stand Out Students recocognizes childrens acomplishments, and gives them a heightened sense of self worth.

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